Monday, November 12, 2012

Apple releases two new ads of iPad Mini: books and photos

ipad mini libros anuncio Apple publica dos nuevos anuncios del iPad Mini: libros y fotos

Apple has released two new ads for the new iPad Mini : books and photos. In these new ads Apple follows the same line as in the first announcement of the iPad Mini, Piano. This means that Apple has repositioned a 9.7-inch iPad and beside an iPad Mini and both devices are running the same application.

Apple releases new iPad Mini ads

In the case of ad about books. Apple iBooks application displays and open some books. It is curious that the company has not chosen to display books or comics, because they are much more colorful and more call the viewer's attention. Instead, Apple has chosen to display books "normal" and highlight as the iPad Mini is a perfect device for this kind of content because of its portability.

In announcing Photo, Apple has chosen to combine the two devices to form more complete pictures. In the 9.7-inch iPad displays a picture and details complemented the iPad Mini, the effect is really very striking.

Striking as the images hardly notice the difference Retina display 9.7-inch iPad and the iPad Mini standard screen, but this is normal because of the distance from which the shots are captured ads.

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