Friday, November 30, 2012

Apple patents a wireless charging system

ipad apple Apple patenta un sistema de carga sin cables

One of things that most users were asking was for Apple to offer the ability to sync iOS devices without having to connect a cable to your computer. Finally this functionality came, and now you can sync your music, apps, movies or just make a backup of your iPhone or iPad without connecting through a cable.

You can also play content on an external TV or remote speakers without any cable through AirPlay technology, but at the moment there is a section where we can not completely get rid of the wires, the battery charge.

Different accessories to charge the battery through an induction system, although still necessary to connect a device to a jack and place the iPhone or iPad in a particular place, it is also necessary to place the device accessories that are often more annoying as the cable itself.

Apple could create a wireless charging system for iPad, iPhone and peripherals

Luckily it seems that Cupertino are looking for solutions and power transmission NFMR (Near Field Magnetic Resonance) could be a good solution.

Apple has patented a system that would allow complete charging the battery of the iPhone, iPad or other devices without connecting them to any cable, accessory or have it be supported in a given area.

patente carga inalambrica apple Apple patenta un sistema de carga sin cables

This technology would enable an area of about one meter from the issuer where all devices may take the energy to fill your battery. For example, the sender could be an iMac, a computer that is always connected to the power supply. Thanks to this connection as an issuer NFMR could send energy wirelessly needed to charge the battery of an iPhone, an iPad and could even charge the battery of the keyboard, mouse or Magic Trackpad with which we manage our team, so that would not be necessary to remove the batteries for them to load.

No doubt this is a very interesting idea, an idea that Apple has already patented and we could see become reality at any time, although you may never see it come true. You know, often patents are only patents.

On the other hand, it would be important to know the influence that this technology could have on health. It was always said that electromagnetic waves can be harmful and add more frequencies to which we are exposed do not know what the consequences might be.

What do you think of this technology? Would you like to see something?

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