Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Apple patents the alphabet | Humor

When we think in the patent system that exists today, especially in certain countries, we can only realize the absurdity that exists in some of the statements that have been coming out over the years. Above all, related to the world of new technologies and more specifically to Apple.

The truth is that the creators of iPad and iPhone have attempted to patent, often controversial success, some things that almost all agree that people should not have exclusive rights. From here, there are parodies of the video as we bring you today.

apple patenta abecedario 637x350 Apple patenta el abecedario | Humor

This is nothing less than Ron Charles, book critic for the Washington Post, which is placed on the role of a legal representative to explain Apple's strategy apple company to patent the alphabet.

Although the video is not particularly achieved without many devices, especially compared to other great parodies of Apple products, the presence of the famous critic gives it a special touch.'s Emphasis on describing the creation process of the patent commencing with its innovative "turn the page" is pretty accurate.

They decided to use 26 letters why use less? All with the unmistakable style of the ads that the Californian company has accustomed us.

Thus, the parody is that Apple patents the process of creating the letters, and later, writing. Thanks to them, people no longer have to communicate with signs that are often not made clear what we meant.

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