Monday, November 12, 2012

Apple Normalization

normalizacion apple La normalización de Apple

Following the announcement of changes in the administration of Apple and Scott Forstall up company , have written a lot of opinions.

Michael Lopp, talks about the importance of this change for the future of Apple:

"The word that most concerned me in the press release was in the first sentence. The word was "collaboration." Close your eyes and imagine a meeting with Steve Jobs. Imagine as applicable and as decision maker Does the word collaboration comes to mind? A mine does. I'm sitting on pins and needles, waiting for us to explode and break into pieces by a phone icon that apparently did not matter. "

The consensus is the opposite direction, but collaboration is a tool to achieve standardization. According to Steve Jobs, personality revolutionized the world of consumer electronics. According to Scott Forstall, the power of personality literally changed a generation mobile experience. However, the greatest hits, also may be accompanied by great failures. And some of the most famous and recent Apple all know: MobleMe, maps iOS 6 or reliability of Siri.

The death of Steve Jobs and now Scott Forstall progress can be made ​​to lose two of Apple. But it can also mean the loss of Apple's greatest failures.

Tim Cook is doing "his own Apple"

Like Steve Jobs reorganized the entire catalog of products when returned to the company, Tim Cook has reorganized its people in the way that seems best to him that might work. It is still early to know what will happen to these changes, there will surely be great successes and great failures, but perhaps collaboration and doing things in groups helps lessen the chances of failure.

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