Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Apple may reject the application Google maps

The inclusion of Google Maps in iOS 6 has been one of the most controversial decisions that Apple has taken in recent times, aggravated by the recognized problem have included a map application incomplete and with many failures, issue recognized by the Tim Cook himself. Almost from the day of the launch of iOS 6 we know that Google is working on a separate application for iOS maps.

apple mapas google 546x350 Apple podría rechazar la aplicación de mapas de Google

However, some sources within the Mountain View say Apple may reject the application once it is submitted to inspectors from the App Store. For now they are just rumors, until year end Google is not expected to complete the application.

One of the greatest pioneers of divorce between Apple and Google was Scott Forstall, which, as we noted, has left Apple . However, we will always doubt whether these statements are not an attempt by Google to power the Apple acknowledged error and thus support the potential application output.

If you do not like Apple's maps, like me, you have several options in the App Store. However, to use Google maps to die we will go to the web version. I must admit that the web version does not work as the application running on iOS.

Hopefully these are just rumors and statements that the application comes to fruition, it is always good to have good alternatives to Apple's Maps application, and especially while no improvement.

What do you think? Do you use the web version of Google maps or mapping application from Apple?

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