Friday, November 9, 2012

Apple manufacturer and might be looking for Retina display iPad mini 2

Within days of the launch of the new iPad mini , already discussed (should not surprise anyone ...) that Apple could be working on a second version of the product is new and small: a mini iPad 2. This version, rumored to improve several features of the first, and would have an important novelty: a retina display with better resolution.

Reportedly, the U.S. firm would be looking for as a company that manufactured a screen of 7.9 "inches with a resolution of 324 ppi (163 ppi compared to the first iPad mini).

Some suggest that the company could be AU Optronics, a Taiwanese company that has manufactured products for major competitors such as Samsung, Dell and LG, among other companies.

The estimated date of release would take place in the second quarter of next year.

This second version of the iPad Mini will, for long, the first really to consider, as many are disenchanted with the current screen.

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