Friday, November 2, 2012

Apple lost a lawsuit against the company 'iFone' in Mexico

Screen Shot 2012 11 02 at 5.54.15 PM Apple pierde un juicio contra la compañía iFone en México

'Internet + Phone', where the idea of a Mexican telecommunications company, founded in 1998, to create the brand 'iFone' to baptize his little company. This name is registered in the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property in 2003, but when Apple landed in the country decided to sue the company for the striking resemblance that the brand had with its flagship product: the iPhone.

According to Apple argued, this company and just used the term 'iFone'. The Cupertino were pulling the rope too and it finally broke. After several trials occur in the country, the courts have ruled in favor of the company 'iFone' against Apple, which thus loses its appeal for protection.

Yet unknown potential impact this will have on Apple in the country, but so far the company has been able to market the iPhone 5 today without any obstruction. We will keep you informed of the possible effects of the judgment against Apple in Mexico.

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