Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Apple loses lawsuit against patents acquired by Google

motorola Apple pierde su juicio contra las patentes adquiridas por Google

Apple adds another defeat in its various legal battles and this time at home. A court in Wisconsin, United States, rejected the lawsuit of Apple against Google. The Cupertino company demanded to search the last May to seize all of Motorola patents. By acquiring the telephone company, Google gained access to a portfolio with over 18,000 patents.

A figure unnerved Apple lawyers. We recall that Apple currently also has opened a lawsuit against Google for allegedly copying the iOS operating system. The patent over 18,000 acquired by Google left in a lower position to Apple. For this reason the Apple lawyers tried to report a suspected "illegal provision" on Motorola patents.

However, the courts have ruled in favor of Google on this occasion, it ensures full use of Motorola's patents.

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