Friday, November 30, 2012

Apple launches iTunes 11, the latest version of iTunes

itunes 11 apple Apple lanza iTunes 11, la última versión de iTunes

Finally Apple has released the new version of its media player. iTunes 11 comes to the market as a long-awaited version for many users who demanded a major change in the player for quite some time. iTunes 11 can be installed via Software Update on your Mac or downloading the new version from the Apple website.

Finally iTunes 11 now available

This new version includes a completely revamped interface, a new store, sync playback, improved search, minireproductor and better integration with Apple's cloud, iCloud.

The new interface of iTunes 11 has a complete redesign. Much more modern, custom designed for each disc, movie or TV show library. It is also capable of making personal recommendations when visiting the iTunes Store.

itunes 11 inicio Apple lanza iTunes 11, la última versión de iTunes

The store also has been redesigned to look much cleaner, making it easier than ever to discover new music. In fact, the new iTunes Store is very similar to the App Store for iPhone and iPad, with shifts in the categories and scroll horizontally.

iCloud now works as it should work in iTunes. When you buy music, movies or TV shows, appear within the library contents. Double-click it to start playback directly from iCloud and syncing is also possible to play without connecting.

The minireproductor allows us to control playback and display without opening the entire iTunes window. Besides the names of the song, artist and other relevant information, the minireproductor also includes a list of what will sound later. Certainly a very interesting feature, which will save us a lot of time when playing our music.

iTunes 11 also features an improved search of the contents of our library. This is a Spotlight-like search, separated by different types of content or criteria. And thanks to iCloud can sync playback, so we can continue to listen to our iPad so we started listening to our Mac or on your iPhone.

itunes 11 albumes Apple lanza iTunes 11, la última versión de iTunes

Many users have been asking for an update like this for a long time and it seems that Apple have taken note How about this new version? Like the hate? Hope your opinions!

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