Thursday, November 8, 2012

Apple is ordered to pay $ 368 million in a patent case

apple Apple es condenado a pagar 368 millones de dólares en un caso de patentes

Not a good week for Apple in court. Two days ago we talked about his lawsuit against Google, which lost, and now we have to try another defeat of Apple lawyers. This time, the company VirnetX, located in Texas, sued Apple for the inappropriate use of a set of patents related to different types of connectivity.

This company claimed to be in possession of several technology patents that Apple has used in applications like Facetime without your permission. The judge has now sentenced to indemnify Apple VirnetX with 368.8 million dollars, even though the company in Texas called demand nearly $ 900 million in compensation.

Currently open VirnetX has similar disputes with companies such as Cisco and Avaya.

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