Sunday, November 18, 2012

Apple investigates how to improve the muting and noise caused by vibration

One of the major tasks of Apple is to innovate and improve their products. And, therefore, have decided to work on a silent mode in which the vibration does not become annoying or too loud.

At work, in class, at home ... How many times has both the phone vibrated on the table that has almost louder than the sound if enabled, that's what the engineers want to avoid in future products of the brand, using sensors that incorporates the iPhone itself.

Thus, the device may detect the own sound environment and the actual noise and vibration generated by movement of the surface on which rest and to control the intensity of the vibration and make it less annoying silence.

Unfortunately, we are working on it and it is more than possible that none of the iPhone's released so far have never of that option (the iPhone 5 could do ...), but although we know as hundreds of patents are forgotten, can it see it implemented in future versions, as an iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 ...

We believe we can be a positive improvement, but also to be seen if in the end we'll be avoiding such trouble without hearing the phone when they call ... What you think about it?


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