Thursday, November 1, 2012

Apple has 24 hours to change their apologies to Samsung

Screen Shot 2012 11 01 at 7.51.05 PM Apple tiene 24 horas para modificar sus disculpas a Samsung

The court has taken the case of Apple vs. Samsung in the UK during these months is upset about how Apple has served his sentence. We recall that the company was forced to publish on its website a note that made ​​it clear that Samsung had not plagiarized their tablets, as he claimed the final judgment.

But Apple took the letter to highlight some phrases that were said at the trial, as "that Samsung tablets were not as cool as the iPad". In addition, Apple attacked the judge's decision noting that in other countries, such as Germany and the United States justice had declared in his favor, something that has not liked anything British court.

The judge has given 24 hours to Apple to change the letter of your web view by adding the missing who has committed to not adhere to the instructions given in the judgment. The lawyers have asked the company 14 days to make this change and the judge has rejected:

"We're talking about Apple. Really it is so difficult to put something on your website? "

Therefore, in the next few hours we should see an amendment written on the Apple UK website.

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Source- Bloomberg

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