Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Apple falls on the list of "green business" of Greenpeace

apple greenpeace Apple cae en la lista de empresas verdes de Greenpeace

The Greenpeace environmental organization prepares a yearly report which ranks companies by their degree of environmental friendliness. For years, Apple occupies leading positions on this list and it seems that in the new list, Greenpeace wanted Apple to lower ranking to No. 6.

Apple low on the list of companies Greenpeace cleaner

Apparently, the organization decided to downgrade Apple due, in large part by the lack of transparency offered by the company and also for failing to report on their emissions of greenhouse gases. They also believe that the company could have received a better score if they had set a target of reducing emissions by 2020.

In the past, Greenpeace praised Apple's efforts to improve recycling and the company exceeded its own target in 2010, getting to recycle up to 70% of its total sales. But still, said the effort to recover was not enough electronic waste in India.

The new report is the first in which the efforts of Apple criticized for being a clean company. In October, Newsweek criticized the giant consumer electronics, like Greenpeace about the lack of information about their efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

energia solar apple Apple cae en la lista de empresas verdes de Greenpeace

Although Greenpeace's latest report paints a negative picture of certain environmental efforts of Apple, earlier this year, the advocacy group praised the Cupertino company for his improved position on energy. In its index of clean energy, Greenpeace gave Apple a score of 22.6%, compared with 15.3% who had given last April.

Apple is making great efforts to use renewable energy in the U.S., but the company can not do the same in other regions where there is no account of both the environment (eg China).

Greenpeace congratulates Apple regularly for their efforts in environmental matters, but many times is criticized because the partners that make mass production of the devices.

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