Friday, November 2, 2012

Apple expects to sell 1.5 million iPad mini this weekend

ventas ipad mini Apple espera vender 1,5 millones de iPad mini este fin de semana

Today has been launched officially, the iPad mini in all Apple stores and resellers. It is a new product for the company, and a new market, so that experts and analysts are eager to see how it sells the new 7.9-inch tablet.

It is available from 329 €, price that many people think is too high. And with its A5 processor without Retina display, some have described as outdated. But that does not mean that Apple will not sell a lot of units this weekend.

The first weekend is crucial to the launch of any new product, especially for Apple. If Monday No posts in the network of "impressed" that are iPad users with the mini, Apple will be a little disappointed. For now things do not look good.

Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray believes Apple will sell between 1 and 1.5 million iPad mini this weekend. That's almost half of the 3 million iPad 3 that Apple sold in its first three days.

There are several reasons for these predictions so pessimistic. For one, Apple has just released version of the iPad WiFi mini, so users who expect the LTE version will not queue this weekend at Apple stores.

On the other hand, it's only been six months since Apple launched its latest tablet, so the shorter update cycle can reduce turnover. It can also affect many people in the northwestern United States is without electricity and transport, due to Hurricane Sandy that has plagued the country during these days.

Note that Apple only sold 300,000 first-generation iPad in the first weekend, and about 1 million iPad 2, so perhaps 1.5 million iPad mini would not be so bad result.

In any case, in iPadizate can follow all the news on the iPad mini , its first unboxing, analysis and more.

What do you think? Are ye of those who buy the iPad mini this weekend?

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