Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Apple dominates the mobile advertising market with 37%

publicidad iphone Apple domina el mercado de la publicidad móvil con un 37%

While other manufacturers have more devices on the market and when Apple builds its entire business in one device: the iPhone, Apple is still the leader in terms of mobile advertising is concerned.

According to a recent study Adfonic AdMetrics company, 37% of mobile ads from its network was shown to Apple devices, while Samsung accounts for 24%. These two companies alone have them and most other manufacturers have to share small percentages including: Nokia 9%, RIM 10%, HTC 7%, 3% Motorola, etc, etc ...

In addition, it is noteworthy that although Samsung sells more terminals, the difference between Samsung and Apple has grown and Apple takes up 3% of the total, thanks in part to the successful launch of the new iPhone 5 .

In this last quarter, we could see interesting developments in the phone market, as both Samsung and Apple have a lot to say and the data could change if things go better than expected to either of these two companies.

Adfonic CEO, Victor Malachard said:

"It is significant that, although Samsung is gaining much ground in the market share of their devices and generating more dimension of mobile advertising is losing ground to Apple.

These results do not take into account the impact of new devices like the Apple iPhone 5, the iPad or the new iPad mini that occurred during the quarter. "

anuncios iad Apple domina el mercado de la publicidad móvil con un 37%

Apple's iPad accounts for 63% of mobile ads displayed on tablets

Apple's leadership in mobile ads is even more important in the tablets. 63% of mobile ads displayed on tablets in the third quarter was for Apple, while Samsung fell into a ridiculous 5%. The Amazon Kindle Fire falls even further to 3.6%, but still represents the third in this list, which gives us an idea of ​​the tremendous difference between Apple and its competitors in the tablet market.

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