Thursday, November 29, 2012

Apple's dominance in the market for tablets could be falling faster than expected

ipad mini blanco7 El dominio de Apple en el mercado de los tablets podría estar cayendo más rápido de lo esperado

Apple was the company that managed to popularize tablets. Until Apple introduced the iPad, all tablets that existed were too heavy and clunky like to please people. The original iPad got the attention of millions of people and units the company sold like hotcakes.

Then came the iPad 2, the iPad 3, iPad 4 and the iPad Mini and apple company continues to sell many units, but it seems the competition is getting closer and gradually gaining ground. Analysts believe that Google could catch Apple in the tablet market in 2013, which was tremendously away just a few months ago.

The market share of the iPad falls faster than expected

According to ABI Research, during the third quarter of this year, 55% of iPad tablets were sold. A very decent figure and perhaps surprising, but it ceases to be when compared with the same quarter last year and we see that the figure has fallen by 14%.

However, things do not end there. Last year the firm claimed that Andorid Gartnet get a market share of 38% by 2015, but it seems to be completely wrong and now, Google already has a 44% market share, ie a much larger share than expected and in record time.

Android's rise is unstoppable. The operating system is becoming more popular and are constant improvements. Besides the failure of systems like webOS Palm (now HP) and the RIM PlayBook has also helped that the tablets of other brands continue to grow.

ipad mini8 El dominio de Apple en el mercado de los tablets podría estar cayendo más rápido de lo esperado

According Darrel Etherington, "the lack of competitive alternatives that Android has helped win users much faster than originally planned, which means that the turning point may not be that far." Besides this, we must consider that many manufacturers create Android devices, while Apple iPad creates only.

Of course all is not lost for Apple. The company continues to sell iPad at a very good pace and although they are losing market share are not selling fewer units, but more. The number of tablets sold in the world is increasing and this makes the market is getting bigger and has more room for manufacturers.

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