Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Apple dismisses Richard Williamson, makers of iOS maps 6

ios 6 mapas 2 Apple despide a Richard Williamson, responsables de los mapas de iOS 6

The new management structure seems to follow Apple making changes and they do not hand shakes when people dismiss that, in his opinion, have not done their job and are responsible for some mistakes he has made in the company recent months.

Apple dismisses directly responsible iOS maps 6

The most notorious example is the dismissal of Scott Forstall, a vice president and senior Apple was considered the successor to Steve Jobs for his character and the way you see the products. Eddy Cue, another vice president, is one of the people now in charge of the functions previously had Scott and seems to have already begun to put their hands, this time directly to the team responsible for the maps of iOS in June , perhaps the biggest fiasco of the company in recent years.

Eddy has decided to dismiss Richard Williamson, the person managing the development team directly maps. Williamson, came to Apple in 2001 after the purchase of NeXT by the Cupertino company. That is, came along with Scott Forstall, after Apple bought the company Steve Jobs founded Apple when he was fired.

We do not know if now, Eddy Cue will make a new person to lead the team of Williamson or will the other directly. The truth is that the company has a big job ahead to convert their maps into something that at least competitive and will match Google Map or even exceed it. We assume that it will take some time, but let's not end up getting so much from Google Maps.

ios 6 mapas 1 Apple despide a Richard Williamson, responsables de los mapas de iOS 6

Will we see more surprises within Apple? Hope things are starting to stabilize and can get to work in future versions of its operating systems and applications. The competition does not stop and are becoming closer and better competitors.

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