Sunday, November 11, 2012

Apple could have paid $ 20 million for the SBB clock

reloj apple Apple podría haber pagado 20 millones de dólares por el reloj de SBB

A few weeks ago we mentioned that Apple had been through the box for Swiss railway company, were authorized to use the design of the new iOS application for iPad clock as it was strikingly similar. At that time was unknown major operation, but new reports are saying that Apple has paid around $ 20 million (nearly 16 million euros at current exchange rates) for the license to use the clock in your design application.

Initially the Swiss railway company was proud that Apple chose a company to design your clock to place in each of the iPad to sell. Then a company spokesman said:

"We are proud that a brand like Apple is using our design which is already exposed in places like New York."

Shortly thereafter, the Swedish newspaper Tages Anzeiger commented on your pages:

"SBB is the sole owner of the trademark and have copyright railway clock. The company will get in touch with Apple, with the goal of finding a solution to the problem legally and financially. It's not fair that Apple copied the design without more. "

Although the company does not want to reveal the data on the amount that Apple paid, shall be required to include information in its next financial report, particularly in "other operating income". In 2011 the amount reflected in this section was 856 million Swiss francs, about 902.4 million dollars.

reloj apple ferrocarriles Apple podría haber pagado 20 millones de dólares por el reloj de SBB

Anyway, $ 20 million is an amount that seems too high for the design of an application for iOS. It is also interesting to consider the above statements by a spokesman for the railroad company saying that the company was not behind money.

The design of the clock face of the railway company is timeless and recognizable worldwide. The red needle with the red ball in the end was created in 1944 by engineer Hans Hilfiker was originally the owner of the copyright and trademark.

Unlike patents, design rights can be renewed several times if they are being used. The watch design created by Hilfiker is still used in the Swiss railway stations. In 2002 the company filed a new trademark registration of three-dimensional sphere clock at the Institute for Intellectual Property, so it is clear that they have the rights to use the design.

With a hundred million iPads sold, Apple had to license or design, be obliged to remove the clock application on iPad sold in Switzerland or change the design significantly.

Apple iPad could have sent to Switzerland without the Clock application, although this could have been interpreted as a move that could have cost cheap the company a significant loss of reputation, brand and design.

No doubt the legal issues should not be taken as a joke, not aware of that Apple wanted to get into trouble and paid the amount necessary to obtain the operating license of the design without any consequences.

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