Monday, November 5, 2012

Apple changes its apologies to Samsung in its UK site

The lawsuit between Apple and Samsung had its peak in summer when the competent court decided to agree with the apple company about plagiarism device by Koreans.

However, the court earthquake is far from over. This causes that occasionally arise certain information about it. Specifically, today we learned that Apple has modified the apologies that are required to display on its corporate website in the UK.

It seems to have erased the previous post and now there is a new version. According to them, the previous message was not accurate and violated the court order of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales.

apple pide perdon samsung Apple cambia sus disculpas a Samsung en su web de Reino Unido

Besides all that, include a link to the new message has appeared in several UK newspapers. Apparently the apple company was forced to rewrite and publish an apology on its website in a font size greater than 11.

In the link is reported that the July 9, 2012, a few weeks before the judgment with which we began this article, the Court of Justice of England and Wales had ruled that Samsung's tablet did not violate certain Apple patent. Between them, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It is for this reason that the Californian company has to apologize to the competition.

You may have noticed that in the Spanish website nothing shows this. And the judgment is only obliged to apologize to the Apple UK website. It is good to remember that from time to time, the apple company also loses makes judgments and accusations without reason.

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