Thursday, November 15, 2012

Apple asks developers to eliminate several word "memory" of the name of your apps

As you know, before submitting a new application to the App Store to be accepted and published, you have to give it a title that does not infringe any rule or plagiarize any of the marks already registered. Ravensburger, the German firm specializing in puzzles, and saw the word "memory", and Apple has formally requested that the application disappears from the App Store.

As a result, now Apple asks developers of applications under that name to remove the word, or change it for another similar r, since that trademark owned by Ravensburger.

And the truth is that Ravensburger belongs to in 42 different countries, including Spain, but excluding United States. Precisely for that reason, we could still find apps in the App Store to include "memory" in the title, and not legally violate any rules.

Roughly speaking, there are more than 50 games and applications which will change its title. However, memory is also the name of a traditional game of cards in the public domain, as well as a word used by everyone ... So who or who violates the rule is applied? That rule of three could start to have to think much to use words to avoid violating Copyright absurd style.

Interestingly this case directly affects us as one of our games for iPad is called Animal Stories: Memory Game and we have to say that, to date we have not received any notification to change the name of the game. If we update the news more information.


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