Thursday, November 15, 2012

Apple asks customers to restart your iPhone before giving appointment at the Genius Bar

reiniciar iphone genius bar Apple pide a los clientes que reinicien su iPhone antes de darles cita en el Genius Bar

Surely you've heard many times that that restarting a computer or other electronic devices are solved certain errors. This statement is real and is not any magic. Really what is achieved with reboots is that all software that is running on the device is closed and not running again unless necessary or run automatically during the boot process. Thus, if a process had been "suspended" and the problem will be solved unless the application does not fail in a timely manner, the problem will be solved.

Apple asks iPhone users to restart it before giving appointment to the Genius Bar

Apple knows this perfectly and seems to have begun to ask customers to do so before you can open a technical problem with an iPhone and book time at the Genius Bar in the Apple Store near you.

Interestingly currently only require this procedure in the case of the iPhone. You may do so as a very important part of the incidents that lead to an appointment at a Genius Bar come from this device and not others, but the same procedure can solve certain problems on a Mac, iPod Touch or other model iPod.

You can get attention, but perhaps this simple procedure can help to save time Apple technicians to the Genius Bar and the user is only a few seconds of time. So you know, try to make an appointment before you try to restart your iPhone, either the original iPhone or the new iPhone 5 .

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