Sunday, November 18, 2012

Apple and Motorola seeking arbitration to settle their dispute over patents

Recently, Apple and HTC reached a licensing agreement and peace signed by the patent dispute . Now, it seems that Apple also plans to sign peace with Motorola as a new court document reveals that both parties are interested in the use of binding arbitration.
Being both firms agree, resolve all issues, at least the essential standards of patent, for the arbitration would avoid the need to prolong the legal proceedings under way and shift the dispute out of court, leaving it in the hands of a neutral third party who would make the decision and would force them to sign.

"Companies have been exchanging proposals on the use of binding arbitration to reach a licensing agreement on patents that are essential to meet the industry standards on how the phone. This agreement could lead to a comprehensive settlement of all patent disputes, "said Apple in a statement.
"Apple is also quite interested in resolving its dispute with Motorola and agrees that arbitration may be the best means to resolve the patent dispute," he added.
This willingness to participate in the arbitration of Apple and other companies is a sign that the major mobile device manufacturers seek to end their fighting, which is drawing positive reviews from users.
However, as we wondered at the news of the license agreement between Apple and HTC, the main competitor and the agreement is the most awaited Samsung. Why Apple and Samsung do not sign an agreement as have HTC and Motorola ? How long before they do, if they sign? Truth is rumored that companies do not have the time in your to-do list, so if you ever sign this agreement, it will not be soon.

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