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Analysis of the new iPad Mini

ipad mini3 Análisis del nuevo iPad Mini

Many were those who said that Apple never throw the market a tablet with a screen smaller than riding the 9.7-inch iPad. Steve Jobs himself said at one time that a screen of this size would not be helpful and stayed with it.

After several years and several generations of iPad, Apple surprised us and Oct. 24 Tim Cook introduced on stage at the California Theatre of San Jose what we know today as iPad Mini . An iPad with dimensions smaller than the model we already knew, but which has proved equally (or more for some people) interesting.

Apple has all the mouth closed and the first user reviews after trying the new model is a product that is extremely interesting and amply meets expectations.

Technical features of the iPad Mini

Apple has taught us that it is not necessary to talk about technical characteristics for a product is good or bad. What the user wants is that the experience is good and what the manufacturer promises that can do so without problems and Apple is a specialist in this. The integration of hardware and software allows to squeeze the most components and characteristics even with competition below the device operates in a more fluid and provides better performance than other products.

Still, for the faithful of the numbers and specifications we can say that the iPad Mini has a screen with a resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels and 7.9 inches diagonally with a pixel density of 162ppi IPS based on LED technology. Inside find A5 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM, and a flash memory chip 16, 32 or 64GB depending on the model chosen.

As for the camera, the iPad Mini has a 5-megapixel rear camera with ability to capture images at 1080p FullHD front FaceTime camera and a 1.2 megapixel HD quality 720p.

Paragraph Mini iPad connectivity is covered by dual channel WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and in the case of mobile connectivity model with a chip DC-HSDPA and LTE with international support, and this model also features a GPS chip. Mini iPad battery is capable of providing up to 10 hours of battery life to all components that comprise it.

Its dimensions are 20 inches high, 13.4 wide and 0.7 thick and weighs 308 grams total undoubtedly extremely lightweight and compact. Ideal to carry around. Available in two colors: black and white.

Mini iPad Design

trasera ipad mini Análisis del nuevo iPad Mini

The design of the new iPad Mini shares many similarities with the iPhone 5. The beveled edge has a virtually identical device and color is very nice: both white and in black. The edges are more rounded than the previous iPad. This helps make it more comfortable to hold with one hand, which is closely related to the weight of just over 300 grams with the device.

Apple has reduced the size of the borders around the screen compared to the iPad we already knew earlier, further increasing the feeling that everything is the front screen. The buttons still occupy the same positions as before: the volume buttons on the left side and the Home button at the top, but this time Apple has decided to make the buttons in the same material as the rest of the device so no stand out as much as the plastic of the previous iPad.

The overall construction of the device is extremely careful. Apple has taken care of the small details and that makes when we have it in hand we feel that this is a premium product. A durable and sturdy. No doubt great design work together with the materials chosen make iPad Mini is perhaps the best iPad built by Apple.


Pantalla iPad mini Análisis del nuevo iPad Mini

Perhaps this is one of the areas where the iPad Mini has received more criticism and the new device is that Apple does not have a Retina display, which for many is unthinkable after Apple we get used to them from the iPhone 4, the iPad 3 or the new Macbook Pro with Retina display. The iPad Mini has a standard resolution screen (1024 × 768, exactly the same as the iPad or iPad 2) although their quality is significantly higher than these.

True, the Mini does not mount an iPad Retina display, but is the price to pay for having a lightweight and with great autonomy as already explained . Still, the Mini iPad screen offers a quality suitable for surfing the Internet, playing games, watching videos or just read books by size functions of the device are a marvel to perform with him.

Mini iPad screen does not offer the same features that could offer a Retina display in terms of contrast, saturation or clarity, but we're still talking about a high quality screen, below the retina, but still high quality. Many who have never had an iPad with Retina display will not notice the difference and will surely be delighted with the display of the iPad Mini.

Performance and battery life

The iPad Mini has inside an A5 processor, ie, the same processor as the iPad 2 which, remember still on sale. Like any Apple iOS device, performance is phenomenal and the iPad Mini is able to perform any task that has been asked without any problem. There will be delays and applications (whether simple applications or games) will not remain "frozen".

Some people complain that Apple has chosen a processor that is a generation behind the processor, for example, mounting the iPhone 5. But we can not forget that the iPad Mini does not control a Retina display and Apple wanted to keep a high autonomy, something important and would be difficult with a more powerful processor and a higher energy consumption.

Also keep in mind that the iPad Mini has less space inside the battery. Apple had to create a smaller battery for the device and was able to maintain a range similar to the full-size iPad seems that he has. In fact many people says its iPad Mini has a range in excess of 10 hours Apple promises theoretical, but always depend on the type of use made of it.


Usabilidad iPad mini Análisis del nuevo iPad Mini

One of the maxims of Apple is that their products work smoothly and have the best possible usability. We again mention the user experience, that this is good depends largely on the level of usability of the device.

The iPad Mini is a device that takes advantage of the baggage of the previous iPad. The device is able to run every application available in the AppStore. Which are designed for use in a tablet are equally useful in a 9.7-inch iPad in the iPad Mini 7.9 inch and that are intended for the iPhone screen is still looking bad, as already occurred in the full-sized iPad.

The iPad Mini has a size ideal for certain tasks because of its lightness and size. For example is perfect for surfing the Internet or reading and usability of the device here is wonderful.

For things change games. Desarrollor Depends on the type of game and control mode, the iPad Mini may be the perfect device or be more uncomfortable than the iPhone or iPad, it depends on the title and the work to be done to make a game developer support a touchscreen.

IPad Mini Camera

camara ipad mini1 Análisis del nuevo iPad Mini

Many people think that having a rear camera on a tablet is absurd and the truth is somewhat well. Most people do not go out to take pictures with your tablet, but the iPad Mini has it and its quality is also quite good.

Bring a 5-megapixel sensor as it did the iPhone 4, but the quality of it and the lens has been improved and offers better quality. It is also capable of capturing video at 1080p and 30 frames per second. In low light situations will be difficult to get a picture without a huge amount of noise and possibly move, although with more light situations the results are quite acceptable.

For the front camera and things change and we have a slightly higher profit. The front camera has improved tremendously compared to the Apple previously included on their devices. Now riding a 1.2-megapixel camera and 720p HD quality offering reasonable quality but its main function: video calling or videoconferencing.

Mini iPad or iPad??

ipad mini ipad Análisis del nuevo iPad Mini

With the iPad hit the market the Mini many prospective buyers will have a new question? Mini iPad or iPad? The answer to this question is really hard and is completely dependent on the user use the device you want to give.

If the primary use of the tablet is to read, surf the internet, visit social networks, playing sporadically and watch videos, but we also need to carry it around seems the clear choice is the iPad Mini. But if we look for something more powerful, with a much better screen, allowing us to easily generate content, create documents, watch videos often run countless games and need not always carry it perhaps the iPad with Retina display is the most logic.

Price is another factor that many people may be aware of. The iPad Mini starts at 329 €, while the 9.7-inch iPad has a starting price of 499 €.


Although many skeptics we were before the introduction of the iPad Mini, it seems that the device has come hard and still allow Apple to reach really high sales figures. The iPad Mini has permeated the public criticism of the device are superb and seem to have a long future in the Apple catalog.

Surely the next generation of iPad Mini are more potent and have Retina display, but while we wait for that to happen, we can consider that the iPad Mini is the best small tablet that can throw us in the face.

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