Thursday, November 8, 2012

Analysis of iPad Mini Camera

The new iPad Mini is an excellent tablet for work and leisure and office. However, how about it as a camera? We know that the tablets are not exactly the best friends of the photographer, but we must not dismiss them as devices that take snapshots.

At first, the iPad did not even have cameras. With the iPad 2, the Apple tablet introduced a front and a rear camera, with the idea of ​​using videoconferencing applications and augmented reality. However, their quality made it clear that they were not designed to take quality photographs.

analisis camara ipad mini 628x350 Análisis de la cámara del iPad Mini

However, the iPad Mini itself incorporating a pair of pretty resultonas cameras. For starters, the front camera is 1.2 megapixels, which allows you to make HD video conferencing using FaceTime. Furthermore, the rear camera is iSight technology, with a lens of five elements of f/2.4, hybrid IR filter, and back lighting.

In fact, it is riding the iPod Touch 5, just presented a few weeks ago. Here we present some photos taken with the iPad Mini, courtesy of a iMore reporter.

analisis camara ipad mini 5 468x350 Análisis de la cámara del iPad Mini

In this picture you can compare the same picture taken with the iPad Mini (left) and the iPod Touch (right). The differences are almost negligible, and it is probably due to changes in lighting conditions between the two snapshots.

analisis camara ipad mini 2 520x350 Análisis de la cámara del iPad Mini

They miss some features of modern devices of Apple, such as the ability to take photos in HDR or panoramas. Also, do not expect to find a LED flash on the iPad Mini.

We leave you with some pictures, all made with the 7.9-inch tablet from Apple.

analisis camara ipad mini 3 468x350 Análisis de la cámara del iPad Mini

analisis camara ipad mini 4 468x350 Análisis de la cámara del iPad Mini

analisis camara ipad mini 6 468x350 Análisis de la cámara del iPad Mini

Although the iPad Mini camera is not as good as the iPhone 5, the reality is that it gives quite good results for what we have used the tablets in general. Moreover, not being as large as the 9.7-inch iPad, not so rare to get him to take a good photo at a time.

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