Thursday, November 1, 2012

Amazon publishes an ad anti-iPad mini in its web

anuncio amazon ipad mini Amazon publica un anuncio anti iPad mini en su web

Amazon has made clear it wants to compete with the iPad mini at all costs. A few days ago published on its website a notice in which he compared the iPad mini with its new Kindle Fire HD. Logically when comparing the mini iPad tablet went disadvantaged compared to Amazon. We assume that Amazon we liked some comments describing the iPad as a device mini very well built, fast, fluid and hard to resist for the price it has. Or maybe jumped on Amazon alarms when another report suggested that Apple marketing chief clarified that the iPad mini has stereo speakers, which Amazon earlier said that it was not.

From Reviewers noted that the mini iPad has two separate audio channels which are at the bottom of the device, left and right Lightning port. Previous models have only one speaker on the right side of the bottom, including the model of the fourth generation. Of course, if we connect external speakers or headphones the sound the iPad is stereo.

Previously, a quick visit to the Amazon site would this comparison between the Kindle Fire and the iPad mini HD.

anuncio ipad mini kindle fire Amazon publica un anuncio anti iPad mini en su web

The announcement and will not be published.

Maybe Amazon planned from the beginning to have posted a short time to make some noise on your Kindle Fire HD. Or, you may have concluded that the ad does not really tell the truth.

Anyway, it seems that Amazon has decided to remove the ad to avoid a reaction derived from falsely claiming that the Apple tablet has a mono speaker.

What is your opinion?

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