Wednesday, November 28, 2012

All Apple ads in a Youtube playlist

anuncios apple Todos los anuncios de Apple en una lista de reproducción de Youtube

From the early years of the company, Apple has always invested in advertising. The company has signed one of the most popular television commercials in history and in their advertising campaigns are generally very good.

Youtube Playlist with all Apple announcements

How could we forget the first iPod ads with silhouettes dancing and rhythmic music or Get a Mac campaign where the Mac and the PC were represented by people? Others of the ad became almost since its inception in masterpieces such as the announcement of the first Macintosh 1984 directed by Ridley Scott. Currently Apple's ads are more simple and focus on showing the capabilities of the devices, but still very interesting.

Of course, not all have been successful. Apple has also had major failures on the way and some campaigns have had to be withdrawn. For example, the ad campaign was launched a few months ago on the Genius, emission was withdrawn quickly, and did not reflect exactly what Apple represents for many users and even went against the philosophy of the company.

The list of announcements made by Apple is very big and a Youtube user has collected all the ads that Apple issued from its creation to the present day. The playlist consists of about 485 videos and now you can play them all without any problems, although we do not know until last, because it is not an official account of Apple and the Cupertino company could ask Youtube to remove the videos.

If you like Apple advertising do not waste time and takes this opportunity to enjoy all the ads that Apple has created and issued until today .

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