Sunday, November 4, 2012

Advances in the Jailbreak for iPad Mini

ipad mini blanco Avances en el Jailbreak para el iPad Mini

Just a few hours have passed since the Mini iPad hit stores, but experts are already Jailbreak to work and seem to have made ​​good progress.

Important advances in the Jailbreak of iPad Mini

MuscleNerd has sent Twitter the picture accompanying these lines. In the picture we see how they got root access to the system, which is a very important step to achieve the final Jailbreak the iPad Mini. According to the hacker has used the same method "failbreak" that Cpwn used in Jailbreak the iPhone 5 .

Unfortunately failbreak is a term used to describe the vulnerabilities that can not be released to the public and used for normal users can jailbreak our iOS devices, so it will have to wait until they find a more reliable and to be published officially.

ipad mini jailbreak Avances en el Jailbreak para el iPad Mini

The good news is knowing that they are working hard and making progress in the release of iOS devices 6 and only a matter of time until they find a reliable untethered Jailbreak for devices like the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

We will continue to watch and report promptly on all the news about the progress in the process of Jailbreak. We know that many of you are willing to do so.

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