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A6X the new processor has four cores iPad 4 PowerVR SGX graphics 554MP4

A6X El procesador A6X del nuevo iPad 4 lleva cuatro núcleos gráficos PowerVR SGX 554MP4

On October 23 Apple introduced in addition to the iPad Mini and iPad 4 , a new processor the A6X. This processor is an enhanced version of the A6 that mount inside each iPhone 5. This version has a 1.5GHz CPU and 500MHz GPU, which makes the performance is up to two times higher than the previous generation.

The A6X still works with two ARM Cortex-A15 cores, but are highly customized with Apple's own design based on the ARMv7. The company has improved graphics performance compared with the three cores based on PowerVR A6, to make the leap to a new GPU: PowerVR SGX 554, based on technologies of the company Image Maker, which has stakes in Apple property.

The processor A5X was mounted in the original iPad and the iPad 3, had two ARM Cortex A9 cores running at 1GHz, paired with quad-core PowerVR SGX 543 running at 250MHz.

"The interface retains A6X 128bits of A5X's bandwidth (and keeps the memory interface controller cores adjacent to GPU and CPU cores as in the case of A5/A6). Comes with two extra cores running at speeds up to 1.4 GHz (a slight increase from 1.3 GHz cores of the iPhone 5 A6). The big news in the A6X is on the side of the GPU. "

Imagination Technologies not offer too much information about the chips 554, but were able to determined that "each GPU core 9 is divided into sub-clusters: 2 sets of 4 identical nuclei, and a sub-core).

Because of this double-counting by core (two sets of four identical sub-cores, and core) and increasing clock frequency, A6X marks are substantially better in GLBenchmark his opponent, A5X. Thus fulfilling Apple's claim of "twice the performance".

a6x rendimiento El procesador A6X del nuevo iPad 4 lleva cuatro núcleos gráficos PowerVR SGX 554MP4

In short, AnandTech speculates that A6X has the power to move the iPad 4 games in native resolution without any problems, something not very common today.

Chipworks said the A6 chip is 30% larger (123mm2 compared to the A5X 94mm2), with much of that extra area dedicated to the GPU cores (four inside the A6X versus three of A5X ).

This would be the level of system-on-a-chip A6X.

esquema a6x El procesador A6X del nuevo iPad 4 lleva cuatro núcleos gráficos PowerVR SGX 554MP4

And this is a view of A5X, where you see the three GPU cores instead of four.

procesador a5x El procesador A6X del nuevo iPad 4 lleva cuatro núcleos gráficos PowerVR SGX 554MP4

Chipworks has also located a double wide SDRAM interface, allowing greater graphics processing power.

There is no doubt that all this effort will allow iOS devices continue to have a fluent interface and performance in demanding applications like games really good. Fantastic news that Apple puts on the head as to develop graphics GPUs for mobile devices.

This is especially important considering that the giant graphics, Nvidia, is making waves with the Tegra 3 that many manufacturers use on their devices (Nexus 7, Google, Microsoft Surface, HTC RT One X and X + ...). However it seems that there is a performance difference emerging between Apple and chips based on Nvidia technology.

Unless Apple changes its supplier of graphics, Nvidia could overtake iOS devices in both graphics performance and quality. Nvidia's chips use shader based graphics. This gives richer 3D objects and better effects in games compared to the PowerVR technology used.

tegra roadmap El procesador A6X del nuevo iPad 4 lleva cuatro núcleos gráficos PowerVR SGX 554MP4

At present, the A6 family is the benchmark, but the competition does not stand still. Nvidia launched Tegra platform 4 / Wayne early next year, with the promise of a return to double jump over the current generation.

Qualcomm chips and S4 Pro S4 also deserves praise for his speed and the new Samsung Exynos 5250 is able to move the super high resolution screen of the new tablet from Google, the Nexus 10.

For its part, the Tegra 3 offers enough power to drive the huge screens that use some Android devices without problem.

Tim Cook said the new group led by Bob Mansfield, Apple Technology Group is working on advances in semiconductor and "have ambitious plans for the future."

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