Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A table made with many iPad

Today we bring you a device that more than one would like to have in your living room, but probably be expensive to implement it. This is a table made ​​with 15 iPad joined at their side, so that we obtain a display of many inches whose content is synchronized.

The co-creator of this device, Joe Johnston (who implemented it with David Tucker), told fellow TUAW that the system had been designed and built from scratch, including the industrial design of the table and the application that is responsible to keep connected all the iPad.

A private network WiFi is the method chosen to maintain synchronization between all devices, allowing moving what they call "hipercartas", or what is the same: what is shown moving from one screen to another.

 Una mesa hecha con muchos iPad

Moreover, it turns out to put full screen specific content, we just have to execute the double tap gesture known about Hypercard it represents.

I can imagine that this type of device would have a great success in congresses, conferences, trade shows and other events that may be of interest display content in an interactive display.

Sure, again, I remember the invention of Microsoft, the Surface Mark I, a tablet up to 40 inches diagonally with several years of development, which implemented a similar concept a while.

In case any of you are interested in how this table made ​​with 15 iPad, the Mobile Multi Display Aachen University is available on the App Store. Can you imagine that Apple pulls a tablet for professionals only, 30 or 40 inches?

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