Friday, November 9, 2012

A student creates an unseen keyboard for iPhone

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Today we have interesting laser keyboards compatible with iOS devices that allow us to write on any smooth surface. The next level in the technology revolution would be able to type quickly from any surface and our smartphone or tablet to identify it on your screen without failure.

This is precisely the idea that has been a student of the University of London: worth becoming a jailbroken iPhone 4 has managed to use the phone's accelerometer to identify the vibrations that occur in an area by clicking on it. The result is an invisible keyboard sends signals to the iPhone using the accelerometer and the phone regista as letters.

An idea that is still in its infancy but has great potential. In the video we see how the iPhone uses the dictionary to correct those wrongly registered letters.

The student who has conducted this research says it would be able to bring this technology to the top if he had better accelerometers to conduct practices.

Apple notes.

Source- 9to5Mac

Article One student creates a keyboard invisible to the iPhone has been originally published in News iPhone .

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