Sunday, November 11, 2012

A former employee of Apple doubt the leadership of Cook

Screen Shot 2012 11 10 at 6.14.47 PM1 Un ex empleado de Apple duda de la capacidad de liderazgo de Cook

It is the second time so far this week that a former employee of Apple is against the company. A couple of days we collected an article from a former Apple employee who claimed that the company had reached the top and that from now on everything would go downhill for lack of creativity. Now, David Sobotta, another former employee, doubt about the leadership of Tim Cook.

Sobotta worked at Apple for two decades and this week published a book entitled "The Pomme Company", in which their experience and express their views about the future that awaits the company. Most of the opinions that the author poured in his book are assimilated to the ex-partner who spoke to the British newspaper The Guardian this week.

In 'The Pomme Company', David Sobotta says, "does not perceive the same passion for technology Tim Cook than it did his predecessor, Steve Jobs." According Sobotta, "Cook could specialize more in the management of a company, but not in his leadership."

The pressure at which Apple employees are subject to sometimes also highlighted in the book: "Apple, if you make a mistake, you will be fired before you can return to make another".

Source- Mashable

Article A former employee of Apple doubt the leadership of Cook was originally published in News iPhone .

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