Saturday, November 10, 2012

A former Apple executive management capacity criticizes Tim Cook

A little over a year since Tim Cook took over Apple. Although Steve Jobs did not happen should be easy, the truth is that the new CEO of the California-based company is making great efforts to not lose the big level to which we were accustomed.

However, there are few reviews it has been receiving, especially in recent weeks. If Siri does not work as it should, if the new Apple maps are a failure, if recent management changes are due to personal whims ...

No one is aware that the apple company enjoys excellent health, and as shown by the numerous records broken this year in terms of sales, profits and market value. But that does not stop even expect some reviews of people who worked on Apple itself.

capacidad gestion tim cook 457x350 Un ex directivo de Apple critica la capacidad de gestiĆ³n de Tim Cook

Today's comes from the hand of David Sobota, who worked for Apple for 20 years (between 1984 and 2004). Then he was invited to leave the company. He was responsible for federal sales and had a relationship with Tim Cook.

After the departure of some heavyweights Apple Scott Forstall as last week, ReadWriteWeb Dan Lyons sent a mail to Sobotta to know your impressions. For starters, Tim Cook explained that it was a person who liked to deal with people. Moreover, it is able to create links with their employees to be loyal to him.

Not usually talk to their staff or walk around the corridors of the company to see how things go. He prefers diving among papers, charts and numbers. Not a natural leader, but a coach or analyst.

What do you think of these statements by the ex-employee of Apple? Does it seem resentful of the output of the company, or do you think that says great truths?

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