Thursday, November 8, 2012

A former Apple employee said that "everything will go downhill in the company"

apple1 Un ex empleado de Apple asegura que todo irá cuesta abajo en la compañía

"Apple has reached the top, but from now on everything will be downhill for the company." So convincingly shown in a former company employee who worked as an engineer during the 90's. According to his view, taken today by the average British Guardian , the company is unlikely to improve in the stock market in the coming months.

The falling price of Apple's stock has been dramatic: in September the firm stood at $ 700 per share and now, however, the stock price is $ 537. What accounts for this decline?

Although the new iPhones and iPads five mini have been well received by consumers, the fact is that the problems to deal with the high demand may have negative consequences for the company. Samsung also on the heels of Apple and its Galaxy SIII has already managed to take the title of best-selling smartphone worldwide.

Apple has spent years holding firmly the criticism that lack product innovation. At this same point matches the author of the Guardian article. Did he finish and trust that Apple planted among its consumers?

The fall in the share price is not giving security to shareholders. From Cupertino surprise will have to start again.

Article One former Apple employee said that "everything will be downhill in the company" was originally published in News iPhone .

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