Monday, November 19, 2012

90% of the Chinese market for smartphones is dominated by Android

iphone china El 90% del mercado chino de smartphones está dominado por Android

While the Chinese government announced that Google services are blocked in the country, is called something really shocking: more than 90% of smartphones in the country using Android operating system. The blow to Apple and other systems is extremely hard and is that Android takes 90.1% of all smartphones in the country.

For Apple, iOS is at only 4.2 market. At the heart of the problem seems Apple is the price of the devices. While the average price of Android devices is $ 179, the average price of the iPhone in China is $ 726. In addition, the iPhone 5 has not yet officially landed in China.

Android dominates the smartphone market in China

According to research firm Analysys International, the presence of Android in China has increased steadily from 58.2% last year to 83% in just three months.

Meanwhile, Apple's share has barely moved six points. The iPhone and iPad devices You probably are more powerful than Android, but the difference could be similar to offers users a choice between a Rolls-Royce and Ferrari. Both would be better than what they were used so far.

Analysys International Q312 smartphones El 90% del mercado chino de smartphones está dominado por Android

The iPhone 5 will arrive sometime in China and analysts believe that China Mobile may start offering the handset to their customers, so Apple could begin to regain market share if this occurs, since we are speaking of the operator telephony customers the world over.

Will the iPhone 5 could attract more Chinese users? Will it ever stop Apple from Android handset sales in the country? Since then they have a rather complicated task ahead, and to compete with the low prices of many Android devices is very difficult.

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