Friday, November 16, 2012

2013 will the year of iTV?

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E year is almost over and I think, unless something unusual happens, we saw all launches of 2012, we brought the new model of the iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano, new iPad mini, iPad 4 generation MacBook Pro 13 "and 15" with retina and renewal of desktops and Mac mini, the only rumor that was left on the shelf was the dream as "iTV", this TV manufactured by Apple that would integrate the current Apple TV and iOS on a television set Apple.

Well as the world can not function without rumors, and run out pending renovations iDivice family, now it's the turn of the iTV. Several websites report that Apple is having a series of talks with the major distributors of pay television in the United States in recent weeks, which fueled the rumor about a possible iTV, or as the most conservative say a renewal of Apple TV as a top box that can unite the benefits of iOS and TV without making a television.

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That coupled with a new patent that Apple conducted on the operation of a TV that integrate motion sensors, camera and microphone, this in order to detect whether the user is close, if it is in front of it or not found, displaying different menus for each situation or entering sleep mode to save power.

Regardless, Apple's next move is speculated to be in the area of ​​television, then remember what Jobs told his biographer, "at last I have what was missing from the TV" we look forward and see a new product with Apple may surprise us in 2013.

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