Friday, November 30, 2012

Microsoft admits he should have been more aggressive with the iPad

No one is aware that the products of the family iPad are enemies to beat in the world of tablets. I have been since the explosion of this new market segment, and it seems that it will continue to be for a few more years.

Although Microsoft's priority remains its new operating system, Windows 8, the truth is that would love nothing more than your new tablet Surface triumph in the eyes of critics and audiences. However, it appears that this is not so and so Steve Balmer, CEO of Microsoft, has confided in some U.S. media.

According to Electronista, Balmer announced to its shareholders at an annual meeting on Wall Street are not taking advantage of the opportunities offered by innovation, which affected the braking of the benefits of investors.

microsoft mas agresivo ipad 488x350 Microsoft admite que debería haber sido más agresivo con el iPad

He also admitted that Microsoft should have designed, developed and released their tablet Surface long before Apple had done with the whole market. Have been slow to adapt to the process of innovation in software and hardware, which comes when the train was leaving.

However, as a good CEO is confident that his company following movements in the world of tablets, will give good results. He added that he was very pleased with the level of innovation achieved by its designers and engineers.

Do any of you have the Microsoft Surface? Are you happy with your performance? Do you think that the Redmond company has been late to juicy market for tablets, or you still have a chance? In my opinion, the tablet has not liked as much as you would expect from a device on which they had placed too many bets. What do you think?

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Apple patents a wireless charging system

ipad apple Apple patenta un sistema de carga sin cables

One of things that most users were asking was for Apple to offer the ability to sync iOS devices without having to connect a cable to your computer. Finally this functionality came, and now you can sync your music, apps, movies or just make a backup of your iPhone or iPad without connecting through a cable.

You can also play content on an external TV or remote speakers without any cable through AirPlay technology, but at the moment there is a section where we can not completely get rid of the wires, the battery charge.

Different accessories to charge the battery through an induction system, although still necessary to connect a device to a jack and place the iPhone or iPad in a particular place, it is also necessary to place the device accessories that are often more annoying as the cable itself.

Apple could create a wireless charging system for iPad, iPhone and peripherals

Luckily it seems that Cupertino are looking for solutions and power transmission NFMR (Near Field Magnetic Resonance) could be a good solution.

Apple has patented a system that would allow complete charging the battery of the iPhone, iPad or other devices without connecting them to any cable, accessory or have it be supported in a given area.

patente carga inalambrica apple Apple patenta un sistema de carga sin cables

This technology would enable an area of about one meter from the issuer where all devices may take the energy to fill your battery. For example, the sender could be an iMac, a computer that is always connected to the power supply. Thanks to this connection as an issuer NFMR could send energy wirelessly needed to charge the battery of an iPhone, an iPad and could even charge the battery of the keyboard, mouse or Magic Trackpad with which we manage our team, so that would not be necessary to remove the batteries for them to load.

No doubt this is a very interesting idea, an idea that Apple has already patented and we could see become reality at any time, although you may never see it come true. You know, often patents are only patents.

On the other hand, it would be important to know the influence that this technology could have on health. It was always said that electromagnetic waves can be harmful and add more frequencies to which we are exposed do not know what the consequences might be.

What do you think of this technology? Would you like to see something?

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The availability of the iPhone 5 in the U.S. is stabilized for the first time since its launch

It's been just over two months since the official launch of the iPhone 5, which went on sale last September 21. Both in the first batch of countries where it was available as the following, demand has been very high and it cost Apple to face, which led to waiting times a month in the Store Order online or realization methods such as reserve for store pickup.

iphone 5 box header

However, in a few days to see how Americans can supply virtually covers all iPhones 5 existing demand, one can go to any Apple Store and pick up any model without prior appointments or timeouts.

The situation in Spain is more or less similar. While the online Store Delivery time is one week, today is also somewhat easier to get an iPhone 5 in Physical Stores.

As an example, last week I was asked to buy one for a family member, so I proceeded to make a reservation on the website. That same evening I received a reply quoting me the next day to pick it up.

Are ye that hope many an iPhone 5? Never forget that there is the option of requesting the booking for travel do not wonder at any store.

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The iPad and the iPhone continue to dominate the Internet traffic Tablets

top 15 fabricantes El iPad y el iPhone siguen dominando el tráfico de tablets en Internet

The mobile advertising company Millennial Media has just published a report that reflects the amounts of ad impressions displayed on each platform.

Apple has long dominated this type of lists and in the third quarter of 2012, according to data from Millennial Media and still is.

The iPhone and iPad are still the kings of Internet

According to the report, Apple accounted for 31% of total impressions and the iPhone has maintained its position as number one in the segment of mobile phones, with a share of 16% of total impressions.

Android really captured the largest number of impressions when it comes to operating systems with 52% of the total, but this amount was divided into lots of different terminals and not just one as with the Apple iPhone. According to the report, 15 of the top 20 devices were Android mobile operating system.

top 5 tablets El iPad y el iPhone siguen dominando el tráfico de tablets en Internet

For the segment of tablets analyze and weigh more than 100 different devices, the iPad surpassed all others and is ranked as the number one.

The report also compares the adoption of iOS 5 in the same quarter last year, with the adoption of iOS 6 in 2012.

"Both iOS 5 and iOS 6 saw rapid adoption rates in our platform during the first month after its release. Prints on both operating systems grew approximately 4100% during the first week. iOS 6 yet levels of growth was much higher. On average, iOS 6 volumes of impressions achieved 1200% greater than those obtained iOS 5 during the first few weeks. "

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Apple launches iTunes 11, the latest version of iTunes

itunes 11 apple Apple lanza iTunes 11, la última versión de iTunes

Finally Apple has released the new version of its media player. iTunes 11 comes to the market as a long-awaited version for many users who demanded a major change in the player for quite some time. iTunes 11 can be installed via Software Update on your Mac or downloading the new version from the Apple website.

Finally iTunes 11 now available

This new version includes a completely revamped interface, a new store, sync playback, improved search, minireproductor and better integration with Apple's cloud, iCloud.

The new interface of iTunes 11 has a complete redesign. Much more modern, custom designed for each disc, movie or TV show library. It is also capable of making personal recommendations when visiting the iTunes Store.

itunes 11 inicio Apple lanza iTunes 11, la última versión de iTunes

The store also has been redesigned to look much cleaner, making it easier than ever to discover new music. In fact, the new iTunes Store is very similar to the App Store for iPhone and iPad, with shifts in the categories and scroll horizontally.

iCloud now works as it should work in iTunes. When you buy music, movies or TV shows, appear within the library contents. Double-click it to start playback directly from iCloud and syncing is also possible to play without connecting.

The minireproductor allows us to control playback and display without opening the entire iTunes window. Besides the names of the song, artist and other relevant information, the minireproductor also includes a list of what will sound later. Certainly a very interesting feature, which will save us a lot of time when playing our music.

iTunes 11 also features an improved search of the contents of our library. This is a Spotlight-like search, separated by different types of content or criteria. And thanks to iCloud can sync playback, so we can continue to listen to our iPad so we started listening to our Mac or on your iPhone.

itunes 11 albumes Apple lanza iTunes 11, la última versión de iTunes

Many users have been asking for an update like this for a long time and it seems that Apple have taken note How about this new version? Like the hate? Hope your opinions!

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Is iPad Mini the perfect gift for Christmas?

In a study recently conducted by Nielsen, 36% of children 6 to 12 years said they most wanted gift for Christmas was an iPad Mini.

ipad mini9 ¿Es el iPad Mini el regalo perfecto para estas navidades?

Adults and older consumers aged 13, also had a desire to have an iPad Mini and up to 11% placed the iPad Mini in the top ten most desired gifts to be festive season.

The iPad Mini is one of the perfect gifts for Christmas

There is a very good reason why the iPad Mini is so high on the wish lists of many people. This is a small, portable and a perfect size to use with one hand and take it around with you. It weighs only 308 grams and has 7.2 mm of thickness.

Although the price is a little higher than its direct competition, the iPad Mini offers a larger screen, a high quality camera and a battery more powerful than its competition. In addition, the iPad Mini has something for now is impossible to find in other options like Google Nexus 7 or Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Apple's App Store and the entire ecosystem of content from Apple.

The App Store has over 700,000 apps available, and all are compatible with the iPad Mini. Moreover many of them are designed for use on a tablet , which does not happen with stores competing applications. In the list of applications available there for everyone and there are plenty of games that are not available for other platforms. In addition, the catalog of music, movies and books Apple is really extensive and complete.

Of course, the iPad Mini is not a perfect device and could be better. Given that Apple products launched in recent times, are missing a high-definition Retina screen.

So it seems clear that the iPad Mini is a great gift for Christmas. You can choose to give away some toys that will be forgotten within a few weeks or give away an iPad Mini to be a hit for many months or years.

ipad mini blanco8 ¿Es el iPad Mini el regalo perfecto para estas navidades?

Another option to value and take into account, especially if money is not an impediment is the iPad 4. This is a device with a larger screen and high definition, as well as having much more power than other devices and even the iPad Mini. Of course, the starting price is a little higher, but we also think it's a much more complete device, but heavier and less portable.

The iPad Mini is a great gift and I'm sure anyone who receives one will be happy with it (except maybe Android fans). Of course, if you're thinking of giving an iPad Mini this Christmas, hurry to buy it, because the stock may suffer breakage at any time and be difficult to find available units.

Do you plan to give away an iPad Mini this Christmas? Who?

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Hollywood Monsters reach the App Store on December 6

After the success of Yesterday for iOS, resulting from the association between Pendulum Studios and Bulkypix , it is the turn to Hollywood Monsters (aka Hollywood Monsters 2 in Spain), another successful adventure games of the Spanish company.

Hollywood Monsters 1

Surely many know the game (or at least its name), but it may not in this version, but the original, which came out in '97 Hague. Last year, Pendulum Studios produced a sequel to the original game, with the name of Hollywood Monster 2 but outside Spain was omitted 2, so now we get into the App Store with the title of Hollywood Monsters.

This adventure game point & click, is characterized by humor, and to give you an idea of your argument you just have to read as advertised:

What if the actors in horror movies were real monsters? What if they were forced to act also in children's films, romantic comedies and musicals? And what if in the end decide to rebel?

The game is scheduled to start on December 6, so lovers of graphic adventures of a lifetime will not have to wait much longer to enjoy it, either on iPhone / iPod Touch or iPad.

Hollywood Monster 2 Hollywood Monsters 3 Hollywood Monsters 4

Once available in the App Store we will let you know.

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