Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You can reserve the iPhone 5 from the Apple website

Several days ago we warned the new page that had enabled Apple iPhone 5 to book directly online. The downside is that due to lack of stock was not authorized page. Starting today you can already use the Reserve and Collect service , so imagine, or have stock already, or will soon.

Just do not know how much stock will have, or if you disable it again when I run out, so if you are hoping to buy the new iPhone 5 will not miss much time, just in case ...

The web allows us to select the store where we picked up, and the model (color and capacity), if it's free or company and the amount (up to 2 per person).

Finally, we will introduce our contact details.

Thus, the process finished, just have to wait to send us an email (at night), to indicate that the next day we go to find our phone in the store.

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