Monday, October 8, 2012

WSJ: Apple handles 10 million units of iPad Mini

ipad mini trasera1 WSJ: Apple encarga 10 millones de unidades de iPad Mini

So far all we know about the iPad Mini is based on hearsay. Nothing officially confirmed though, after rumors emerged from many different sources, it seems that everyone assumes that Apple is already making the new iPad Mini and will be presented on the 17th of this month, that is, within a very few days.

Apple may have ordered 10 million units of the new iPad Mini

The Wall Street Journal says that Apple has already given the order to manufacture their Chinese partners and specifically talks about an order of 10 million units for the fourth fiscal quarter. This figure would be about twice the amount that you ordered your Amazon Kindle Fire.

If confirmed this rumor, would be an important sign of the hopes that Apple has on this product. The company expects to sell only so many tablets in a quarter and considering the proximity of Christmas and the success they have had all their products in recent years, it seems that the figure is very possible.

ipad mini mockup WSJ: Apple encarga 10 millones de unidades de iPad Mini

If we count the rumors, could be summarized in four points: a screen of 7.85 inches, an extremely thin design and a price to be around $ 300. On paper, some really interesting features that could make Apple further increase its market share in the segment of tablets.

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