Monday, October 8, 2012

With iOS 6 can not give away applications

Today it seems that we've primed iOS 6, the mobile operating system from Apple. Recently we told the problems some users encountered when their terminals tarificaban their downloads intensive WiFi and 3G. Now, another thing that worked well in previous versions of iOS, it seems to have stopped working.

This is the option of giving an application that incorporates the App Store since 2010. An update of iOS 3 (then known as iPhone OS 3) was what brought us this nice possibility that surely has more of a joy to users of the app store is famous worldwide.

Although Apple did not announce this change rather than its support forum, is that users who have tried to regulate applications in the sixth version of iOS, have not found this option. At first they thought it was due to the profound changes experienced by the App Store, but after a thorough analysis of the store they found that he was not anywhere.

regalar aplicaciones ios 6 560x350 Con iOS 6 no se pueden regalar aplicaciones

There is a possibility to give an application. To do this, you must do it from the App Store within iTunes on your computer. This is rather cumbersome because many of us do not get along with the content manager of Apple.

Do any of you have experienced this annoyance? What reason have found Apple to remove this option, which was not a problem in earlier versions of iOS? It's a shame that every time we find more reasons to wait for before switching to iOS 6 , but surely most of their limitations will be fixed in an update that we hope to see soon.

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