Saturday, October 6, 2012

Will Star Wars Angry Birds Rovio the next release?

As you know, each and every one of the versions of Angry Birds have been a great success for Rovio, their recent last title, Bad Piggies, stands out from the usual mechanical, but leverages the archenemies of the birds to give continuity to the history. Well, now Rovio aims to provide a return of more and cites tuerna all angry birds fans on Monday 8 October to introduce a new adventure.

Judging by the picture and has traveled the world, it is clear that we will be among a mixture of Angry Birds with Star Wars, although it is unknown in what way, perhaps as a separate new game, as it was Angry Birds Rio, or as an update of one of their games, Angry Birds Perhaps Space?
For the moment, we have no details, so we will wait until Monday 8th to know what lies ahead Rovio surprise. What is clear is that we will soon be flooded with all kinds of merchandising curious mixture.

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