Friday, October 19, 2012

What to do if you go away your Carmageddon game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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Carmageddon is already in the App Store ravaging pedestrians and other living things that are life-threatening because of careers that touch more surreal level that you may have seen. So Carmageddon, a great classic game that raised much controversy around him, both by fans and by people discover this kind of games with a level of violence so high.

Leaving aside the debate between what is right and what is wrong, Carmageddon is a fantastic game that I recommend to all of you, however, the first version of the game has a bug that could jeopardize your progress. If ever your game is not listed, follow these steps before creating a new one:

  1. If the game does not appear that we had created, do not create a new one.
  2. Carmageddon We left and closed the app from the multitasking bar.
  3. We make sure that we have 3G coverage or a Wi-FI to which we are connected
  4. We go to the Settings menu and activate airplane mode.
  5. Carmageddon run again
  6. We close the application again
  7. We remove airplane mode activated we
  8. We hope that our iPhone or iPad detects Wi-Fi or 3G
  9. Carmageddon run last saved game and should reappear.

Hopefully this bug will be resolved in a few days with an update. If you could not download Carmageddon for free the day it was launched, you can do so now by 1.59 euros:

498240451 Qué hacer si te desaparece tu partida de Carmageddon para iPhone, iPad y iPod Touch Carmageddon
Developer: Stainless Games Ltd
Price: 1.59 euros (Download application)

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Source - Touch Arcade

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