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What model? Mini iPad, iPad 2 or iPad 4

ipad mini ipad 2 ipad 4 ¿Qué modelo elegir? iPad Mini, iPad 2 o iPad 4

On October 23, Apple announced the highly anticipated iPad Mini . Along with the new device, the technology giant launched an iPad totally renovated to replace the iPad 3. Now, consumers can choose between the iPad 2, the iPad Mini or iPad 4 (fourth generation). What is the best for us? Here are some recommendations.

iPad Mini

ipad mini10 ¿Qué modelo elegir? iPad Mini, iPad 2 o iPad 4

The latest release from Apple, the iPad Mini, is basically a smaller version of the iPad 2. It has a fast processor, a decent resolution, 5 megapixel camera in the rear and HD quality in the front. The iPad Mini is lightweight and has a screen larger than a paperback book, but smaller than a book text. When it comes to music, read books, check email and visit social networks, is the perfect device. If you travel a lot and want a tablet compact enough to fit in a small pocket of your handbag, your tablet is the iPad Mini. If the main reason you want a tablet is to read books or check email, do not need a big screen and this device fits perfectly. The smaller screen does not affect the amount of information displayed text based. It is also ideal for people who plan to use FaceTime regularly. The iPad 2 front camera is of lower quality than the iPad Mini. In addition, the rear camera of iPad Mini offers video capture at 1080p, while iPad 2 runs in 720p.

iPad 2

ipad 21 ¿Qué modelo elegir? iPad Mini, iPad 2 o iPad 4

Why would anyone want an iPad for a little outdated when more money could get the latest model? Perhaps because of that "little money" would have to pay more. Maybe you want an iPad, but do not want to pay top dollar for it. If you're torn between the iPad and the iPad 2 Mini should think Do you consider yourself a gamer? Can you imagine seeing a lot of movies or TV series on your tablet? Do you think you're going to use the iPad as a "vehicle" to browse the web master? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should buy the iPad 9.7-inch. The smaller screen is a disadvantage in these cases. For example, games that are extremely comfortable to use in a full-sized iPad, uncomfortable and difficult to play on smaller screens. As for playing movies or series of course could be done on an iPad Mini, but certainly the experience would not be at all the same. Imagine seeing a movie, for example, Die Hard, the screen size of the iPad Mini, everything will be smaller and explosions can not see clearly. For web browsing, better than 7-inch tablets, but worse than in a full-sized iPad. Most Web pages are designed for computer screens and everything has to be reduced to adapt to the screen of a tablet. The smaller tablet screen, the greater the reduction of the pages. If you are a heavy Internet user, you should opt for a model with full screen.

iPad 4 (Friend generation)

ipad 4 retina ¿Qué modelo elegir? iPad Mini, iPad 2 o iPad 4

Obviously, the new iPad 4 is the best. leaves the other two options at the height of bitumen for topics graphics, screen resolution and hardware. If you can deal with the expense involved, is the ideal model for gamers, graphic designers and photographers. The Retina display is ideal large for its impressive quality. If you consider yourself a great player, if you make movies in your spare time, if you are an artist who uses complex imaging programs, buy this iPad. If you can afford it, buy this iPad.

In summary

Many people will disagree with me, but I do not think the Retina factor worth the extra money to be paid, with some exceptions. If you plan to use the iPad to browse the Internet, check email, read books and magazines and watch movies, go for the iPad Mini or iPad 2. The fourth-generation iPad is a workhorse. But for some bells and whistles are not necessary. Depending on needs, the new iPad 4 may be too.

If you have the money, you can buy the new iPhone 4. If price is an important factor and you're not planning to use the iPad except for specific things like playing Angry Birds or watch The Big Bang Theory, buying an iPad 2. It has good quality, fast and not fail. If you only use the tablet to read books, check email, surf the Internet and use applications like Skype or FaceTime, then the iPad Mini is the right choice for you.

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