Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What iPad choose according to your needs

Currently iPad supply is ample. We can choose between an iPad 2, a new iPad 4 or iPad mini. What to choose? This article will try to figure out which tablet is best suited to your needs.

eleccion ipad Qué iPad elegir según tus necesidades

The iPad 4

eleccion ipad 4 Qué iPad elegir según tus necesidades

Aesthetically identical to the iPad 3, the new Apple tablet A6X incorporates a new processor, faster WiFi connection, support for LTE networks, Lightning connector and a rear camera better. It is the highest version of the Apple tablet and is priced starting at € 499.

Ideal for business users, gamers, those who want to have the best fans and the Retina display.

The iPad mini

eleccion ipad mini Qué iPad elegir según tus necesidades

A 7.9-inch tablet, light, thin and made with quality materials. No Retina display, but given the size of the screen, the picture quality is still very high. It has A5 processor, the iPad 2 camera and an attractive price of 329 €.

Ideal for those who want a compact tablet, do not like too large screens, students or readers of ebooks. If you decide for the iPad mini not miss the article on which model you choose .

The iPad 2

 Qué iPad elegir según tus necesidades

Launched in 2011, the iPad 2 still will remain on sale for a few months at a price of 399 €. This represents a price of 70 € more than the iPad mini, for a nearly identical hardware and a larger screen. Of course, the design is not as novel as the mini iPad, but the tablet is still a good buy.

Ideal for e-book readers (although its weight can be a handicap), those with a limited budget and want a 9-inch screen, and for the passing of the Retina display.

The iPad 3

eleccion ipad 3 Qué iPad elegir según tus necesidades

And those who have an iPad 3, is it advisable to buy the iPad 4? It has a much better processor, and Lightning connector supports LTE (in countries with such networks), but considering except surprises, that in a few months we will have the iPad in May, now make this change is not recommends.

What do you think? Are you planning to order a Magi tablet this year? What you will choose?

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