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We give a review of the iPad Mini

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The iPad Mini has been the subject of many rumors and speculation in recent months. Its existence has been questioned and not without reason, when you consider that even Steve Jobs himself mentioned on occasion that did not want a smaller tablet than the iPad. The iPad is an iPad Mini, an iPad a little smaller and thinner, but much much lighter and surely we see announced next October 23 .

A little history about the iPad Mini

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Apple has been experimenting with a tablet smaller than its current iPad long. Possibly as early as 2007 had been working with this size, but ultimately that project was postponed and the company focused on the iPhone. Later, Eddy Cue (Apple executive) was insisting to convince Steve Jobs to get the project in 2011.

Finally in March 2012 began to hear rumors that Apple had decided to go ahead with the iPad Mini. A smaller iPad, with the same operating system as the standard iPad and a starting price of $ 200-250. In addition, there was talk of October 2012 filing date as possible.

Since then there have been countless rumors filtering and today, everyone assumes that the device exists and will be submitted at any time. Of course, nothing is confirmed and Apple until someone gets on a stage and talk about the iPad Mini we can not dispel the doubts confirming Will end on 23 October.

The form factor of the iPad Mini

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It is expected that the iPad screen is 7.85 inch Mini, so in principle the difference with the 9.7-inch iPad is not as great. It is assumed that the tablet should not compromising usability dispostivio, but must be able to provide a total and underweight device we know. The iPad Mini seem incredibly thin and light, but the screen will give the feeling of having a relatively large size, thanks to visual tricks that Apple may use in their design, such as reducing the bezel around the screen.

That bezel thinnest possible thanks to the thinness of the iPad Mini and lightweight. As the iPod Touch that thinness almost completely eliminates the screen bezel, giving a feeling that the screen is larger.

The finish of the iPad Mini and colors

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So far, all iPads have had an aluminum back, unlike the iPhone and the iPod Touch that are available in white or black for some time. The new iPod Touch is even available in different colors (red, blue, yellow and pink).

Given that the iPad Mini would be a line of low cost, such as iPods, it would not be too farfetched to present versions of Apple's new tablet colors. Perhaps it is in this first generation, but it is very possible that in the future we will see iPad Mini color.

This first generation of iPad Mini, could be available in two colors: white and black. With finishes like the iPhone 5, but with an improved finishing process to avoid scratching problems they are having the first shipments of Apple's smartphone.

The purpose of the iPad Mini

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Paybook Neither RIM nor the Amazon Kindle Fire HD or Google Nexus 7 have managed to steal much market share to Apple's iPad. In fact, these devices are sold only outside the U.S., as companies are able to offer really interesting content internationally (perhaps Amazon is the one with more possibilities).

In the case of Apple this problem does not exist. The company has the iTunes Store, iBook Store, AppStore and currently sell content for iPad through these stores in over 90 countries worldwide. The iPad Mini just be another device you access these stores, although it will be lighter and a device with a lower price, something perfect for many people worldwide. And this is very important to increase sales of both devices and content through digital stores.

The screen of the iPad Mini

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At this point it is difficult to imagine that Apple releases iOS device market that does not have a screen Retina. Current generations of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have a screen like this. Furthermore, there is no device that has been iOS initially presenting with a screen Retina. The iPhone, iPod Touch and original iPad went on sale with standard screens and more screens Retina tare received through various updates.

Apple may have been experimenting with a Retina display for the iPad Mini and surely in the future see a screen like this in the dispostivo, but for reasons of price and performance that the device is expected to present this year Apple has a screen with a pixel density similar to that of iPhone 3GS, ie a standard resolution screen.

What I would be interesting, is that Apple uses the same technology as used on the screens of the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5G. These screens combine the LCD and the touch sensor in a single component, so that the pixels forming images in the Pantall are closer to the surface than before, which tremendously improves the feeling of being "touching icons" and other content displayed on the screen.

The iPad Mini and LTE connectivity

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There have been some rumors that Apple will not include mobile connectivity on iPad Mini to contain low manufacturing cost and to differentiate it from the current model. Keeping costs low is not a very logical reason as they may apply the same model as applied in the iPad 9.7, ie a WiFi only model and a more expensive with 3G connectivity.

It is very unlikely that Apple put on the market an even more portable iPad and do not offer the possibility to be connected anywhere. The same radio chip used in the iPhone would give possibilities to connect to LTE networks and would certainly be the ideal choice.

Its main competitors, the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD mobile connectivity have not therefore launch an iPad Mini with her would be another point in its favor and a great way to get many clients hesitant to choose one or the other model.

What is the name of the 7-inch iPad?

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It is unclear what could be the name of the new product. Most popular are iPad Mini, Air iPad or 7-inch iPad, but the truth is we do not know the official name. Apple will tell us the name of the device and perhaps the name that the company you choose will influence how the public understands the new device.

Earlier this year, Apple change "traditions" and instead of presenting an iPad 3, simply presented a new iPad, looking for maximum simplicity. It is unlikely that this time we see a manager of Apple climbed on stage presenting a product called "smaller iPad", but surely the name will be equally simple model that we all know.

Will Apple sell an iPad Mini for $ 200?

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Apple has a long history of successfully marketing the same form factor in different sizes. We just have to look at sales of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. They are available in 11, 13 and 15 inches (and until recently also 17) and the things we are working really well. With tablets something could happen and getting the customer is able to choose the size that best suits you.

An iPad Mini with 7.85 inch screen and 8GB of internal memory, a device would be offsetting price with a 16GB iPod Touch and 3.5-inch screen, so the approximate amount of $ 200 could be real. In addition, a more capable iPad Mini would also comparable in price with a larger capacity iPod Touch.

For Apple, the shrink is not a feature that will subtract the device capacity, but that offer mobility itself will be a good selling point.


On November 2 is a date that makes sense. It's the Friday of the week following the presentation of the product and the company has been following this rule for their latest releases, so this time could easily happen again. In addition, they would arrive in time for the Christmas holiday season and if the rumors about the device are just confirming I'm sure this is a Christmas bestseller.

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