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We compared the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire with the alleged iPad HD Mini

kindle ipad mini nexus1 Comparamos el Nexus 7 y el Kindle Fire HD con el supuesto iPad Mini

The last weeks of rumors have been staged by the possible iPad Mini. It seems that everyone agrees that the new Apple tablet will hit stores soon and will be announced at the event have called for next October 23 .

There is no denying that his arrival would have some sense. Many tablets are emerging with a smaller screen the iPad, but there is something more important and the price of these competitors. The price at which a potential competitor of iPad Mini are being sold is almost half the cost of the new 9.7-inch iPad we already know, so it makes sense that Apple will launch a new tablet. A 7-inch tablet that will come to defend the market share of Apple in the tablet market and compete directly with the Kindle Fire and Amazon HD 7 Google Nexus, its main competitors at this time.

Although not yet know the final features of the iPad Mini, itself rumored to be endless possibilities and some of the features seem to most sources agree, so we could almost take them for good What do you think if you compare the iPad Mini with its most direct competitors?

Screen, perhaps the most important

pantalla tablets1 Comparamos el Nexus 7 y el Kindle Fire HD con el supuesto iPad Mini

There is no denying that the screen is the most important part of a tablet. It is the "window" to all contents therein are reproduced and most direct way to interact with the device.

Both the Kindle Fire as the Nexus 7 HD LCD panels mounted high definition 7 inch with a maximum resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels. The first has an aspect ratio of 17:10, which make the area of ​​your screen is 21.4 inches square and the second uses an aspect ratio of 16:10 which makes having an area of ​​22 square inches.

In the case of the iPad Mini is expected to mount a 7.85 inch LCD panel with a resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels (same as the iPad 2) and an aspect ratio of 4:3. This would make the total area of ​​the screen was 30 inches square, that is, it would have a much bigger screen than competing devices, without increasing the size of the tablet too general a bad idea Do not you?

Processor, the brain of the tablet

procesador a51 Comparamos el Nexus 7 y el Kindle Fire HD con el supuesto iPad Mini

The processor is the brain of the tablet. He is responsible for everything to work properly and that applications run smoothly. Having a good processor is essential for us to work with the tablet as normal and secure than any of the three devices comply without problem.

Without going into great technical detail, we can say that the Amazon Kindle Fire HD mounts a dual core processor at 1.2 GHz, while the Google Nexus 7 includes within it a powerful Tegra 3 quad-core 1.4 GHz

As for the Mini iPad Case is very clear that processor used. Some rumors say that will A5X using the iPad 3, a dual core processor at 1.5 GHz and others say it will be the new A6 which debuted with the iPhone 5. Anyway, the device should work properly and very fluid, because Apple has a big advantage is that to make the hardware and software can be optimized both for everything to work perfectly.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity on a tablet is a very important section, though often choose without thinking enough. A tablet for a person who wants to have lots of content anywhere (be it music, games, movies, series, applications or documents) need to have large storage capacity, but for a person using the tablet to surf the Internet , checking email or using social networks, the device with less capacity will be more than enough options give us what the participants of this comparison?

Currently the Google Nexus 7 is available in two different versions: an 8GB and a 16GB. Meanwhile, the Kindle Fire can find HD with 16 and 32GB versions. In the case of the iPad Mini, and returning to the rumors, we find that the variety is larger and is available in versions 8, 16, 32 and 64GB.


bateria ipad mini11 Comparamos el Nexus 7 y el Kindle Fire HD con el supuesto iPad Mini

Autonomy is one of the most important sections of a tablet and the user must know. Of course it also depends on the type of user and what for some will be more than enough autonomy, for others it might be very little autonomy. For example, a person who moves a lot and need to carry around your tablet will need much more autonomy than other than just not at home Do not you think?

The Amazon Kindle Fire insures about 11 hours of battery life in continuous use, 11 hours of reading, Internet browsing with WiFi or listen to music. For his part in us that the Google Nexus 7 is capable of playing HD video for 9 hours straight, offering 10 hours of web browsing or reading digital content and also mentioned that the standby time is about 300 hours.

As for the Apple iPad Mini, there's not much we can say. This information will not know until this Apple device, but considering all that fight the company to improve their autonomy in other products that we would not be surprised in a pleasant joy at the launch of the new tablet.


Another critical point of a tablet, connectivity. Of course depends on the user, some need to have 3G connectivity, while others will settle to connect to WiFi networks.

In the case of our competitors we observe that both the Kindle Fire HD as the Nexus 7, do not have 3G connectivity and are limited to WiFi. That is, it will be necessary to have a WiFi network around our reach and we can access to connect to the Internet.

Meanwhile, according to rumors, the iPad Mini will be available in two different versions. One only WiFi connectivity as the other two competitors, and one that will have WiFi +3 G, so customers who need maximum connectivity have your choice easier.


Probably the most influential factor when choosing a tablet or another: the price. Our competitors share price in its various versions, although not identical characteristics.

Amazon sells its Kindle Fire HD 16GB for $ 199, while the 32GB model comes with 249 euros. Google also sells the Nexus 7 199 euros, although in this case the device has a capacity of 8GB. The 16GB model is priced at 249 euros.

As for the iPad Mini rumors pulling back and taking into account all its characteristics we could have eight different versions and each of these versions would be priced:

  • iPad Mini 8GB WiFi: 249 €
  • iPad Mini 8GB WiFi +3 G: 349 €
  • Mini iPad WiFi 16GB: 349 €
  • Mini iPad 16GB WiFi +3 G: 449 €
  • Mini iPad WiFi 32GB: 449 €
  • Mini iPad 32GB WiFi +3 G: 549 €
  • Mini iPad WiFi 64GB: 549 €
  • Mini iPad 64GB WiFi +3 G: 649 €

Apple confirmed these prices would, without doubt, the most likely option would give the customer when choosing your tablet.

No doubt the three options are only valid. Each user must know their needs and opt for one or other tablet. We have more than clear that it is our choice what about you?

ipad mini61 Comparamos el Nexus 7 y el Kindle Fire HD con el supuesto iPad Mini

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