Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Waze is updated to version 3.5 and is made even more social

If users are Waze , you may already have appeared in the App Store the new update to version 3.5, if you have not installed and drivers are, you can go on to test the application.

As we define it when it came out, Waze is a social GPS and free, that lets us know the road conditions, traffic alerts and real-time deductions.

Furthermore, it is constantly updated, as they are the users who create the maps while using it, so I will not go as with other applications that are outdated or have to pay for upgrades.

In this new version was to promote the factor "friends and acquaintances" to do, if anything, even more social. Thus we find some new options that will allow us to call a friend when you go look, so you can know where we are up to our destination (although not Waze users).

Also new is the ability to see the situation of our friends, for eg in case of waiting for them for a dinner at home, they know what is to come, or in the case of an event, or know where to go if they have reached the right place.


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