Saturday, October 20, 2012

Warm up and live action 'Star Stunt: The Hollywood Years'

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'Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years' is an action-packed title intended for thrill seekers. Our goal in this game is to take control of one of 15 vehicle s we have at our disposal and park right in the right place. A task which is not easy considering that we have to overcome all kinds of obstacles like windmills and helicopters.

But not only have to keep our vehicle collision for further progress in levels, but also have to meet our goals in the shortest possible time to earn more points. Do not trust that the title may seem simple at first, because the thing is complicated as will overcome 70 levels in three different worlds.

'Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years' is available in the App Store for 2.39 euros.

539777182 Calienta motores y vive la acción con Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years Star Stunt: The Hollywood Years
Developer: Phase Three Interactive Pty Ltd
Price: 2.39 euros (Download application)

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