Monday, October 8, 2012

Video Review: Universal Handsfree Motorola H19txt

The Motorola H19txt Bluetooth is one of the best universal earphone on the market today. It not only offers 9 hours of battery talk time, but we also give you the best sound quality in our calls (high definition). It is designed for easy handsfree our daily tasks and not be distracted when you're driving.

Pressing the front of the headset, connect directly with Siri and we listen to text messages and even dictate. All without having to touch the phone at any time. From the H19txt can raise or lower the volume and even listen to music. The Motorola handsfree includes several hooks of different sizes to choose one that best suits our ear.

H19txt has a modern design, comfortable and a good buy if you're looking for a compatible headset with a variety of smartphones.

Source- AT & T

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