Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Video review: iHome portable speakers

GlowTunes is an iHome portable speaker that we can take with us anywhere comfortably. The particularity of this accessory, compatible with iPhones, its design is "accordion" and incorporating LED lights. The speakers can close to transport them anywhere: fit in the palm of our hand.

Alternating LED lights while listening to music. We can also turn them off or leave them with a single color. To charge the battery GlowTunes, we will use the USB cable that comes bundled and we can connect to your computer. The other wire you use to connect to the headphone jack of the iPhone.

For such a small speaker, is powerful and ideal for confined spaces. The pack includes a bag to carry the speaker cables and even the iPhone. The best: its price. We found it on Amazon for about 16 euros or store operator AT & T .

Source- Amazon | AT & T

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