Monday, October 29, 2012

Venus: the most ambitious project of Jobs

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This is one of the most ambitious projects of Steve Jobs, but has no direct relationship with Apple. Jobs confessed in his official biography, published a year ago, I was working on the design of a yacht that was unique. After months of rumors, the news is confirmed and this weekend we have seen the last boat in Holland. His name is "Venus", a tribute to the Roman goddess of beauty.

So instead shifted Jobs' widow, Laurene Powell and their children. Precisely Powell was commissioned to complete the project by the designer Philippe Starck.

Jobs was aware that he would not live to see his masterpiece finished, but admitted in his biography "not cripple the project, because that would mean admitting that he would die."

Curiously, in the video we can see that inside the boat we arrived to find up to 7 iMacs aligned.

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